The Simple Kitchen?s Lemon and Mint Sparkling Organic Beverage

The Simple Kitchen, a NYC company, was founded with the idea that organic and healthy beverages can exist. The Lemon and Mint Sparkling Organic Beverage is consistent with this notion.

simple kitchen

This beverage was not great. In fact, it was almost not worth finishing, but for the good of the review, I had to struggle to get past the puzzling taste.

The 100% organic ingredients contain lemon juice, honey and peppermint extract, however, it is definitely missing something. I do not like to speculate on what because I am not an expert. Aside from the peculiar taste, it only has 60 calories, so it is pretty healthy alternative to other beverages.

The Simple Kitchen is an eco-friendly company who uses a green printing company, biodegradable materials for their packaging and when their caf? opens at 361 West 17th Street in NYC, reclaimed wood will be used there.