The Green Pan

the green panThe Green Pan I tested out is a standard large grill pan that I loved.  Green Pans do not contain many of the chemicals found in other pots and pans yet they maintain the same level of reliability and durability that you want in a pan.

The green grill pan is usually difficult to clean, however, this one is not.  It simply wipes away smooth and clean.  But did it work well when I cooked on it?

The answer to that simple question is yes.  I made chicken for Lala and the grill lines looked like something straight out of a magazine ad.  The grill works really well with veggies too.  I covered zucchini and eggplant with dry spices and grilled them until tender and woohoo, it was yummy.

I love this pan and you will too.  Leave your favorite grill recipe below and let’s get cooking people!