The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Journal Review

What a really interesting concept. Reclaiming elephant poo and recycling it into useable paper. See, elephants produce a hefty amount of dung each day and there are many undigested fibers that can be reclaimed and used for other purposes.

Poo Poo Paper on Leafygreen.infoThe Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company collects the dried elephant dung from Elephant Conservations and brings it back to their Poo Shop to start the process of making the paper. The process of making the Poo Poo Paper is tedious. It requires taking the dung to the shop, cleaning the dung, boiling the fibers, adding other natural fibers from pinnapples and bananas, laying the raw product out, drying the product (on trees outside, not with heaters) and then creating the unique paper.

The Poo Poo Paper Company gives part of their profits back to the welfare and conservation for elephants. Their slogan is The Most Ecologically Responsible Products in a Really Long Time and I’d agree. This all natural poo poo paper is a site to be seen.

I really love the idea and the product does not fail to disappoint me either. The journal has a dark, rustic, red cover, which is really beautiful. It is full of chunks and strands of fibers. Inside the journal are sheets of paper with beige fibrous strands.

Writing on the paper is not difficult, but you may have to write with a little more umph than you are used to. Sometimes, you may stumble across a fiber strand that is large hey, just go with the flow and write directly over it, it will work.

Poo Poo Paper on

The paper does not have any odor at all. It?s completely clean and awesome. When I first heard of the idea, I was blown away and I had to find out more. I am so glad I did. The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company is wonderful and their ingenious idea is right on the money. This would definitely be a perfect gift for anyone who is environmentally friendly, into elephants, or just into unqiue, cool stuff.

Poo Poo Paper on

The journal I have is just the beginning, however. There are so many other products to choose from like the different size journals, stationery, noteboxes (like nonstickie-stickies) and sets of various items. Check out their Poo-Tique for all the options.

I have to agree with another slogan of theirs Two Bums Up!

Check out for all your poo needs. Let them know who flung you over there.

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