The FruitGuys

I enjoy fresh fruit, and I enjoy it even more when I know I’m supporting small farms.   Recently I had the good fortune to try some great produce from The Fruitguys.  This company believes in providing a healthful alternative to junk food-filled vending machines in the workplace.  The idea is that employees will be healthier and more productive.

The fruit arrived quickly and in very good condition.  My assortment was all certified organic and consisted of bananas, kiwis, oranges, three varieties of apples and three varieties of pears.  The bananas needed a day or two to ripen, but everything else was ready to eat.  My coworkers and I found everything to be delicious–juicy and sweet.  Even the packaging is of high quality.  The durable cardboard shipping carton is constructed from post-consumer material and can be recycled or reused to store standard-size file folders.

The Fruitguys uses seasonal produce including vegetables, much of it organic,  from local farms whenever possible.  Home and school delivery is also available.  For more information on their products and programs, visit