The BagPack

When I received a package with a small black strap in the mail I was on my way to Pennsylvania to visit my parents. I threw it in my truck and headed off for a fall weekend in the country. It turned out to be the perfect time to test out my Bagpack. The small market across the Delaware is a scenic, ¼ mile walk crossing back over to Jersey, one which I hate to drive too. It’s too close and too pretty to drive when you need some groceries.

My BagPack came with two re-usable bags but as I found out later, you could use your own bags too. At first, I had an idea how it would work, but I was a little confused. Within a few minutes of checking the website (how it works) I was off to the market. I didn’t need to get too much, but some of the items, like milk and eggs were either heavy or delicate. I wound up filling both bags pretty much to capacity and was ready to test the BagPack out. At first it was a bit awkward, as the website mentioned, but once I got it, it was pretty simple.
I liked the fact that the small black strap which consisted of two hooks, enabled me to have my hands free, but even better, it didn’t hurt my hands or wrists like it does when you carry bags with straps. It also slides the bags behind your shoulders a bit which balances them and takes the stress off your arms and shoulders. I was able to bend down without the bags falling, when I actually dropped my keys, which was not part of the planned review. I definitely enjoyed my walk, which I’ve done countless times with groceries, because it was definitely easier and more comfortable.

The BagStrap was not exactly what I was expecting when I said I’d like to try it out. It’s just a small strap with two hooks. This is probably one of the best parts. It’s small, lightweight and durable. It’s perfect for a trip to the store when you need groceries, but not doing a major food shop. The fact that re-usable bags are being used instead of plastic is a great benefit within itself. Being more comfortable and hands-free is even better. If only half the world used re-usable bags imagine the plastic we would cut down on. There’s also the benefit of getting some exercise and fresh air, and leaving the car at home. How lazy we’ve all gotten jumping in the car to go less than a mile most of the time. I think that motor vehicle emissions are one of our biggest problems and one that has many solutions, however small. (I’m actually so tired of smelling other people’s fumes!)

I decided to try out my handy little strap the next day and headed off to the General Store for some breakfast where they also sell local coffee and other products. This time I took two bags my mother had at her house. The second time I used the Bagpack there was no need for instruction and no awkwardness. I was a pro now. I walked back on the canal with coffee (for making at home) breakfast sandwiches and a few other items. It seems any re-usable bag will do.

The Bagpack makes walking with using re-useable bags a little more enjoyable and definitely more manageable. The idea behind it is smart. For people and the Earth!

Do you use reusable bags for your shopping trips? What’s your favorite one?