Targus Eco Grove Sling Notebook Bag

Lala and I really wanted to like the Targus bag. We tried it a few times. It was awkward and uncomfortable to carry as well as rather bulky for a messenger bag. Yes, it contains multiple pockets, pass-throughs for a headphone jack, holsters and water bottle compartments, but it just didn?t fit. I do not understand the idea of a sling bag. It might look cooler then your typical backpack, but to carry a notebook I would prefer a messenger bag or a typical backpack. I also did not feel the bag was strong enough to withstand a short 4 mile bicycle ride, so I did not bring it along.

targus reviews

PVC and nickel free with recyclable plastics are used in the EcoSmart Targus line and it will fit up to a 15.4-inch display. If you are looking for the line, Targus is featured all over the web and most major and indie retailers.

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