SunRidge Farms Organic Chocolate Peanuts & Yogurt Clusters

SunRidge Farms makes wonderful contributions to the environment with the distribution facility in Royal Oaks, CA. They facility is powered by 2,500 solar panels, which eliminates 1,315,00 pounds of CO2 every year. By SunRidge Farms eliminating that much CO2 is equal to planting 1,800 acres of trees. Many of these actions have helped to verify SunRidge Farms as a Green Business by the Monterey County Green Business Program. Congrats to them, keep up the great work!

SunRidge Farms has always been on a mission to promote healthy living since being founded in 1982. They create this by using biodiesel delivery trucks, supply their sales fleet with hybrid vehicles, offering recycling education classes and even pay their employees $5 per day to use a bicycle to commute to and from work. Their bulk bags contain natural biochemical ingredients and earth-friendly polymers, which help to breakdown in landfills. SunRidge Farms participates in many recycling programs, including recycling office paper, ink-jet cartridges, shrink wraps/plastics and their corrugated cardboard boxes. Also converting manufacturing waste into animal food.

That is a lot of stuff SunRidge Farms is doing to make sure their green commitments are being upheld. As for their products, I can certainly attest to their chocolate peanuts being so good, they are downright addictive! The yogurt peanut clusters were not as addictive but still tasty and neither were filled with chemicals.

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The organic dark chocolate peanuts are nothing like what I expected. I’ve never been a fan of bitter dark chocolate, but this didn’t taste anything like it! Which is wonderful for me, I ate them by the palmful. I secretly kept hoping that these peanuts would turn int chocolate covered raisins as the crunchy texture kept surprising me a bit.

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Certified organic may be the reason why I was gravitating towards these more than the all natural Milk Chocolate variety. Both types were great, but the Dark Chocolate variety were much tastier, as my tastebuds have been used to that flavor for years. The all natural Milk Chocolate peanuts are also Kosher, as are the All Natural Yogurt Peanut Clusters as well as non-GMO. I was also not a fan of the yogurt covered peanut clusters because of the use of palm kernel oil, as SunRidge Farms did not acknowledge if it was harvested sustainably. When it isn’t harvest sustainably it threatens Orangutans by removing their habitats as well as other animals species also. So I would prefer to avoid it since I don’t know the details of how it is harvested.

I have tried SunRidge Farms yogurt covered pretzels in the Galaxy Mix and wasn’t too much of a fan of the yogurt covering. I’m not much of a fan of anything yogurt covered, to me the yogurt is nothing like actual refrigerated yogurt from a container which I enjoy very much.

I’m sticking with chocolate for my sweet fix, as these a great addition to my yogurt and the fun treats I pick out of the trail mixes, so why not have an entire bag of them to begin with.

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