Spoonk Mat

For the past few years I have traveled around to learn about new healthier/cleaner/more efficient alternatives to activities of my everyday life. I’ve wander the isles of various festivals learning about new variations of products that I use many times in my life, ranging from dish soap to water bottles, super foods to medicines. Each product benefited the environment in some way, and each had their individual merits. However, most were ‘green’ versions of things I use every day. Little did I know that I was about to come across a product that was like nothing I’ve seen before: Spoonk Mat.

When I first came across this spikey mat I thought to myself “Self, you’re crazy if your considering laying down on a bunch of super pointy pieces of plastic!” and kept walking to the next isle, but something drew me back. I wandered over to the booth and began to learn HOW this mat didn’t just pierce right through my skin. Apparently it has everything to do with weight distribution. If I was to try to balance all my weight on one spike, it would go through me like a hot knife through butter. But we are not talking about one spike, but rather 6,210 spikes; each puts its weight in helping support my body.
But why is acupressure so effective you ask? Each spike puts pressure against your skin and stimulates blood flow and helps release various endorphins and other chemicals found in your body to help combat muscle soreness and stress.

After receiving the mat and finishing the exhausting day at the festival I rushed to the comfort of my hotel room. Though a bit skeptical at first, I removed my shirt and laid down on the mat (over my mattress of course.) I’m not going to lie, it was a bit uncomfortable at first, the pressure of the spikes was a bit intense. The odd sensation soon faded as my back molded around the various crown-shaped clusters of spikes. I relaxed for 20 minutes on the Spoonk, glad to be off my feet. Once I got up, the feeling was pretty incredible. My back felt warm, I could tell that the mat had actually affected my back’s blood flow in a good way. I was hooked. Since then the mat has become part of my daily routine, giving me comfort after a good workout, or relieving stress after a long day. And yes, after a few uses my body became used to the pressure, at least enough that it wasn’t such a shock to lie down. This thing is amazing. I have yet to use it to help stimulate blood flow in my feet by standing on it while getting ready in the morning, but if it works as well as it does on my back, then I’m in for a treat!

But is it eco friendly? YES! My Spoonk mat is part of their ECO line, which means it is made from 55% organic hemp, 45% organic cotton, plant based foam (inside), and recyclable nontoxic ABS spikes. No harmful glues are user, or toxic chemicals in any of the materials. This product is an “eco-crusader’s” dream. Great for the environment, great for my boy, and by improving my mood and relieving me of stress, it is also great for my soul. This company’s products are all dedicated to keeping our world free from harmful products, while enriching our lives, one spike at a time.

Read more about the various products that Spoonk has to offer at: www.spoonkspace.com