Soda-Club Root Beer

Soda Club

Make your own soda at home with Soda-Club’s products. Soda-Club currently sells four unique soda machine makers. Each machine operates in the same way. They are not powered by electricity at all. No annoying plugs, or batteries to get in the way. All of the Soda-Club products use a 1 Liter bottle that can be washed and reused indefinitely resulting in the reduction of waste and recycling. The soda mix is highly concentrated, reducing packaging and shipping issues.

Aside from the environmental benefits, there are monetary benefits as well. Soda is expensive and is not getting cheaper. Soda-Club‘s reasonable prices and value is hard to beat. The kit contains enough CO2 to fill 110 bottles and the amount of soda surpasses that number. Soda-Club also provides instructions on how to return the empty CO2 containers for refills.

In terms of shipping costs, think globally. You will save the world because of the reduction of gas pollution and carbon emissions by purchasing your long lasting soda kit.

Now with some of the green issues out of the way, how does it taste and is it actually goodRoot Beer Soda Club for me? Well, the Root Beer is the first one I tried and it tasted exactly like Barq’s, with significantly less calories, carbs, sugar and caffeine. Soda-Club has 35 calories while the two leading brand Root Beers contain more than 3 times that amount. This is true for all of Soda-Club’s flavors.

During Thanksgiving, six of my family members tried the root beer. Their reactions were identical. They said it tasted like the real thing and was great. My family was impressed when they discovered it was home made. Little did they know.

If regular soda is not your thing you are in luck! Soda-Club has seltzer flavors, diet sodas, fruit drinks and energy drinks too. There is truly a beverage for everyone.

Soda Club