Soap & Paper Factory scented shelf liners

I finally got around to opening the scented drawer papers from the Soap & Paper Factory.  I was a bit nervous about what the scented paper would smell like.  The subtle aroma of this paper pleasantly surprised me.  It smells fresh, clean and really nice.  The paper was easy to attach to each shelf.  I chose to apply small pieces of scotch tape on the corners to keep it in place, but if I used it for actual drawers I believe it would fit better.  The flowery prints on these papers were unique and really appealing.  I was able to cover about ten shelves with the paper in this box.  These liners come in six different styles.  The kind I used was called Green Tea.  The other styles are really cute also.  Check them out at this site.  I would absolutely recommend this product.  How often do you open a cabinet and notice a shelf liner?  I promise you if you end up in my kitchen, you will.

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