So Young Cooler Bag Review

When I had an office job I would take lunch from home everyday. For much of that time I only had a simple reusable cooler bag from a discount store, it didn’t provide much insulation as that eventually began to tear itself apart anyways. So Young cooler bags came into my life at just the right time!

So Young has several different styles/shapes of lunchboxes, mine was less of a traditional shape. I was glad for it because being a tall cooler bag it allows me to keep my food stored upright just like when it is in my fridge. That means no worrying about spilled food in the bag!

Nowadays I find myself using it store my leftovers from a commute home from eating out, zerowaste style. Also when I know I’m going to be out all day, I pack it with empty food containers and a reusable icepack so that I have a mini cooler ready to go. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite fit too many of my water bottles at once, or even when I have a food container in it also. It’s not a complete negative because I will just use a separate cooler just for the water bottles. So Young does offer a cooler bag model that does have mesh pockets on the sides for bottles. This specific cooler features a rear mesh pocket, a great place to keep a banana or dessert like a Munk Pack oatmeal fruit squeeze. (Use code “MPCourtney” for 15% off your first Munk Pack order)

A really great feature is the removable cooler insert. It is held in the bag by Velcro tabs and can easily be removed if something does spill. The outer shell of the cooler is super durable raw linen, which is a coated material that holds up to use.


It really is great material because I left the bag in a vehicle that got caught in a several hours long downpour. I was bummed because I thought my bag was ruined, since it was obvious the outer fabric absorbed where the latches for the strap were sewn as well as the label, allowing water to penetrate. However, within 24 hours of airdrying, I was able to have my cool back to exactly new condition again with the exception of seeing very slight staining where it got wet. I know it is durable, because the inside of my cooler was not even wet at all.


This cooler bag is my go-to ravel food hauler. I just need to add a large icepack to help the food stay cold all day, as it doesn’t really last 12 hours or the entire day when I am out and about. Though the great thing about my sweat-free ice pack is that it is truly sweat-free. Something I’ve never found in other icepacks I’ve used. It’s really cool (I couldn’t resist the pun) that the cover for the icepack is made from recycled soda bottles. Its size does fit perfectly in the bottom of my cooler bag, which is a huge plus to keep everything stocked nicely. Since my Frego container also easily stacks on top.


I find this size and shape to be the most useful compared to a traditional shape lunchbox. To see all the great designed cooler bags and lunchboxes offered by So Young, visit their online store here.

This post is not sponsored in any way, however an brand ambassador code is provided and I greatly appreciate your support!