So Delicious Coconut Milk

One day I received in the mail a giant box of coconut milk products from So Delicious. I thought to myself… time for brunch! The following weekend I invited my buddies over for some eggs, hash browns and coconut milk yogurt. Four of us grabbed a spoon and proceeded to taste each yogurt with great intensity.
so delicious coconut yogurt review
The clear winners were the Raspberry, Vanilla and Blueberry. They tasted great and were wonderfully creamy. The strawberry flavored yogurt was alright but tasted a bit artificial. The big loser was the Passionate Mango. It tasted a bit off and was not enjoyable at all. We also had the chance to try the Coconut Milk in its pure form and a chocolate flavor. Both tasted great and were also good in coffee. Later that week I used the chocolate flavor in rice pudding which I thought was quite tasty.

These So Delicious products are just that! If you are looking for a new dairy free breakfast or snack, visit to find out where to get these great products.