snackTaxi Reusable Snack Bag

Eco-friendly product can be found anywhere, but one thing is that they can be found at NYC’s Green Festival. That is exactly where I met owner of Massachusetts based snackTaxi, Erin Kelly-Dill. I was easily attracted to her booth at the show by all of the fun and bright colors of her reusable snack and sandwich bags. I knew these products were a great idea when they reminded me of the reusable snack/sandwich bags I reviewed from ChicoBag. Curious to see what the differences between two types of bags were I was happy to be able to review their snack size bag in a great floral pattern. Their fabric options change often based on fabric availability, so my pattern isn’t available on their website but they have tons to choose from.

SnackTaxi has separate bags for snacks and sandwiches. As much as I tried, I was not able to easily use the snack size to hold a sandwich without it being squished. So unlike the bags from ChicoBag these aren’t as useful for double duty. To make up for that, they come in so many cute and fun patterns. Seriously, there are 100 snack bags to choose from on their website and about 60 choices for their sandwich sack. This snack sack came in extra handy when I packed a picnic and found that everything I brought was reusable, including my snack and sandwich bag.

What I found great was that they do offer organic cotton sacks for sandwich and snack, which are super soft on the outside but still lined on the inside like all other sacks with polyurethane coated nylon. Unfortunately the cotton that they source is manufactured in Korea as well as the nylon from Taiwan. This wouldn’t deter me from purchasing these products completely, but I do prefer to see companies in the U.S. create products that are entirely made here. Though they are looking for recycled nylon, so perhaps their next source could be in the U.S. What is good about the material they use is that they are lead, phthalate and BPA free!

Cleaning your snackTaxi sack is a breeze. I’ve simply rinsed or wiped mine out since I hadn’t put any food that would stain it. Turning it inside out and running it under water works great, they also say it can be machine washed (with unscented detergent) and dried in the dryer or air dried. It is good to not store food in it for long periods of time, as the fabric may absorb the oil from foods. In comparison this bag is just as similar to ChicoBag’s version, though these are a bit more pricey at $7.95 for one snack size bag and $8.95 for one sandwich size bag with their organic versions a bit more. Since ChicoBag offers a set of 3 for $15.99 ($5.33 each) and they can double as snack or sandwich size, though they don’t have a choice of colors and patterns.

One nifty feature snackTaxi offers is that you can order snack and sandwich size sacks that are labeled gluten free or nut free, helpful for kids in schools who need to designate such info. Also for those kids who are feeling creative, they can create their own snackTaxi with their “make-your-own” kit, including markers to decorate with.

SnackTaxi has a great idea that more people should become more aware of because it will save so many plastic bags from finding their way into landfills. Check out all their pattern options at