Skoy Cloths from

skoy cloth reviewsSkoy cloths are an amazing replacement for paper towels, with better benefits than paper towels.  These cloths are biodegradable, washable, and reusable- paper towels can do none of these things.  Skoy cloths were created by 2 mothers who were fed up with wasting paper towels all the time and decided to do something about it by finding a different material.  These ladies are great inventors and I’m happy they created an eco-friendly option to paper towels.

I was supplied the Skoy Cloths from, it is a great website full from many different green products.  They carry eco-friendly water bottles, stationery goods, eco furniture and beds. is a great company to purchase various eco-friendly products from unlike most green sites that only sell one type of green products.  I enjoy their selection, this is a great one stop shopping website for all your eco-needs.

By using these we have drastically cut down on our paper towel consumption and use.  Unlike a sponge, these Skoy Cloths don’t retain moisture that leads to bacteria growth, as sponges do.  The pack of 6 Skoy Cloths I received had several different colored cloths with flower designs and some inspirational words.  It is especially wonderful the style these designs were in, because that allowed me to easily leave them out at the sink since they didn’t have the same look as a dirty sponge left out.

Definitely try these paper towel alternatives and feel better about not sending more paper towels to the landfills, use these biodegradable cloths instead.