SkinnySkinny Organic Vanilla & Orange Body Butter

I hope you are ready for some dessert because that is exactly what you will smell like once you use this Organic Vanilla & Orange Body Butter from SkinnySkinny. They create organic and sustainable bath, body and home products. I have already reviewed their Organic Black Coffee Body Scrub and completely loved the product; great for your skin and great fair trade for the world. SkinnySkinny is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Now I would expect this body butter to have scents of vanilla and organic based on the label description. The several times that I used this product I was left wondering if they may have forgotten to put the vanilla and orange scents in as I pretty much didn’t even smell any. Though what I did smell is tons of cocoa butter (I would sure hope so, since it’s the first ingredient) making me think of dessert and chocolate cake.

This isn’t to say that these are bad qualities of the product; it sure does a great job of moisturizing. Having the same consistency as a rich airy mousse, allowing a little to go a long way. The only way this organic body butter would be upsetting is because the advertised scent isn’t very strong, though that doesn’t bother me at all. It works very well, leaving my skin glowing. Likely from the 3 different types of organic oils used to create this product. For some hydrated and glowing summer skin, try this or other skin products from SkinnySkinny. The earth sure will appreciate it, just as much as your skin.