Skinny Skinny Organic Honey & Citrus Lip Balm

I have yet to find an organic product I didn’t enjoy from Brooklyn, NY based Skinny Skinny and their Organic Honey & Citrus Organic Lip Balm is no different, it’s become my winter lip savior.

Just like their Organic Orange and Vanilla Body Butter, the first ingredient is organic cocoa butter so it also has a slight chocolate scent, yet no chocolate taste. It goes on incredibly smooth and silky. With 100% organic ingredients, including cocoa butter, beeswax, avocado & coconut oils plus honey it would be expected to be super smooth. With essential oils of pink grapefruit and sweet orange I figured it would be more fragrant than it is. Barely any scent or none at all really, I couldn’t tell citrus was included, bummer. An organic honey scent also seems to be missing, but that’s OK because I figure it’s just in there to help soothe. So none of those stop me from loving this product because it’s highly efficient for soft lips during this harsh winter season.

At $6 each this is a great price for quality organic ingredients. It’s even half the cost of my previous favorite lip balm (Skinny Skinny is my new favorite) from Pangea Organics. If Honey & Citrus isn’t your thing Skinny Skinny also offers a Tea Tree and Mint flavor or a “bare naked” kind, which has no added scents for a more natural approach.

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