Simply 7 Lentil Chips

I recently found that I like lentils, but I can’t say that I love them. Mainly when they are cooked, they aren’t appealing and that detracts from my love for them. Nutritionally they are fantastic, so I’ve learned to enjoy them and try to make them a regular part of my foods, especially since they are so cheap. So I was excited to try chips that were made from lentils via Simply 7, figuring they would be just as tasty as the simple lentils I make at home.

I tried the Lentil Sea Salt Lentil Chips and to my surprise they were unfortunately not at all how I was expecting flavor-wise. Given that they only have four simple ingredients, great flavors can come from the basic ingredients (as noted in my Skinny Pop popcorn review) I was hoping for a delicious chip. The result was really a very bland chip when I was expecting flavor. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the girl who intentionally buys unsalted tortilla chips, so the lack of salt wasn’t the problem – there was such little salt I wonder if the “pinch of salt” flavoring meant a pinch for the entire batch that these came from.

They were pretty disappointing on their own as a chip when I expected flavor, but happy they are Non-GMO certified. They aren’t a complete loss, as they are great for dipping, hummus, salsa and artichoke dips all have been good with them. It helps to make the plain starchy taste of the chip. Though lentil flour was used for these, I find they taste nothing like the lentils I cook at home – besides I usually buy green lentils, these seem to be made from white lentil flour. I’ll stick with my no salt tortilla chips instead. There are more flavors to come from Simply 7, so be on the watch for those reviews.