Sigg Water Bottle

At work I use a water bottle everyday. It?s just an old bottle I?ve had for quite a while, never considered getting a new one. So Mike approaches me and says he has a water bottle for me to review. I figure I can use it at work a few days, test it out and let everyone out there know what I thought about it.

Sigg Water Bottle

So I?m using the 0.6L Kids Ninja Battle Sigg Bottle. It works great and the aluminum retains the cold temperature of the water I put in, keeping it colder longer. A lot longer than my old plastic water bottle was doing. The size is good so I only had to refill a couple times during the day. I have never used an aluminum water bottle before and people who had mentioned that they didn?t like them due to the water having a metallic taste. This was not the case with this bottle, the water tasted cool and pure.

I recommend this bottle for anyone who uses a water bottle. It?s not only fully recyclable, but looks nice and does the job.


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