SIGG ECO-Logical Bottle

SIGG is committed to not only the environment, but also to the people who live in it. Companies such as SIGG have been around 100 years and have stood the test of time. Their commitment is the secret. SIGG backs their products, they do not use pollutants or toxins, and they make a truly great product.

SIGG water bottle

Anyone can purchase a water bottle, but SIGG bottles have been engineered to withstand the abuse of time. One customer, according to SIGG?s website, has had his bottle 20 years. That is unheard of for an average water bottle.

Throwing away or recycling water bottles is a waste, so why not purchase a 1 liter bottle and just refill it?

SIGG has some interesting facts and questions on their site. They state that you may put booze into the SIGG bottle, but drink it quick because of the temperature.

SIGG does stay cool longer than conventional bottles and it is much lighter too. I?ve dropped it a few times already (whoops) and it?s still keeping its shape.

I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. Try one; you?ll never go back!