Shaman Organic Chocolates

They say chocolate is the food of the gods. And when you take a bite of the Shaman Organic Dark Chocolate with Green Tea and Ginger, you think “they” very well could be right.

I’ve tasted a lot of chocolate in my day, but I can honestly say I’ve never tasted any quite this luscious. The dark chocolate is incredibly smooth, and although I really couldn’t detect the green tea flavor, I could detect the ginger. There were small bits of it sprinkled all through the chocolate bar, and it gave every bite a delicious, chewy texture.

Everything was in perfect balance with this bar. Again, the green tea was hard to detect, but to be honest I really didn’t miss it. The dark chocolate itself was so high quality, and the subtle bit of the ginger so perfect, that I didn’t think it was lacking. Needless to say, the bar was finished in no time.

The cool thing about Shaman Organic Chocolates is that when you buy a bar from them, you’re helping to sustain the Huichol Indians, a small tribe living in central western Mexico, in the Sierra Madre Mountains. This tribe is said to be the last tribe in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions.

The Huichol Indians consider chocolate to be sacred, and profits from the sale of Shaman Organic Chocolates help support this village and contribute to their economic and cultural survival.

So far, Shaman Organic Chocolates have helped build a new high school in the village, and they’ve helped send the first Huichol to college, a young woman who plans to attend law school so she can help protect her village from encroachment and pressure to assimilate.

My last word? Well, to me it just doesn’t get any better than this. The chocolate is truly phenomenal, and you also help support a really worthy cause when you buy one. I will definitely be buying more chocolate from Shaman Organic Chocolates.