SafePaint by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., Inc.

Since buying my house, I’ve wanted to create a space where I could spend time doing all the things I love doing surrounded by things I love, all without annoying my wife…a man cave if you will. So after I realized my garage was not going to work as a year round option (too cold in winter) I settled on the basement.

There needed to be a lot of work done to make the basement my own, mostly cleaning, but I also wanted to paint it another color. SafePaint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. became the answer to my problem. I picked out some colors, cleaned the basement up, then I went to work.

I was excited about this paint because there isn’t a great amount of air circulation in my basement, and I was worried about fumes. SafePaint, like the company’s other milk paint products, is non-toxic containing zero VOC’s(solvent free) and pretty much odor free. Mixing was a snap, I used a paint paddle with my wireless drill. All you do is add water in the suggested quantities for the amount you’re making. When I was painting it had a slight milk and ammonia odor, which was noted in the literature provided with it, but it quickly subsided and was gone once the paint had dried. Needed only two coats to get the walls nice and even.

I was very impressed with the outcome. I used the color pumpkin, which dried in a nice matte finish resembling the smooth clay of a terracotta pot. Another plus was unlike when using latex paints. Removing the tape used to frame out the wall for painting didn’t pull any of the paint away from the wall, leaving me with super clean lines. I was able to work in the basement right after the painting was done to save me time in preparing my space.

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe and environmentally friendly way to paint your home. As a parent, I will definitely look to this product again soon to paint my son’s new room due to its safe properties.