Revenge Is Tote Bag

revenge is tote bag reviewLike I have said in a few of my reviews, I love products that are not only enjoyable or functional, but also help the community. This Reusable Tuck Away Bag is produced by Revenge Is… whose purpose is to create great products while at the same time addressing important social issues. This bag is great because it is sturdy, large and can be rolled up and clipped to your work bag or purse. Now you will never have to worry about not having a reusable bag for an impromptu shopping trip. The bag has their logo on one side and “this used to be a plastic bottle” on the other side. They used recycled materials for their goods and they have a message of change. How can you go wrong? For more information on this product or others like it, please visit

Mike has a few other reviews coming so stay tuned.