ReFleece iPad Sleeve

If you’ve seen one iPad case, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s what I thought before using the iPad Sleeve by ReFleece. The problem I had with previous cases was that one of two things would always happen: premature failure or a case that was so bulky that it did not fit with my active lifestyle. ReFleece has solved this problem with their extremely well designed (and eco-friendly) cases. The material used in this case offers thin, rigid protection for my fragile iPad while still keeping the overall bulk down to a bare minimum. The “clasp” flap was an area I had my doubts about. This relatively thin piece gets plenty of use every time you open or close your case. On previous cases I have tried, the repetitive opening and closing wears out the thin latches. ReFleece’s material has solved this issue. I have been testing this case for over a month now of CONSTANT use, and have noticed no wear, stress, or signs of distress. The button closure itself also seems to show no wear and tear.

The material used for the ReFleece iPad Case, as well as their other electronic cases, is made of “upcycled” fleece harvested from old jackets, pressed with post-industrial recycled fleece scraps. The inner colored layer comes directly from a recovered fleece jacket, collected through Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative, or from a scrap of Polartec fabric that can’t be used by their customers. Providing a unique color for the inside of your case, as well as provides protection from scratches on the screen itself. Another benefit of using jackets is that the fleece comes pre-dyed, meaning no other dyes or chemicals are needed. Couple that reuse or material with ReFleece’s low energy pressing technique, and you have a great way to stay “green.”

So if the case is durable, protects my electronics well, and helps cut down the use of all new material, then why am I not shouting from the roof tops how great it is? Well I am writing this review, which hopefully will be seen by the masses to say however, the cases the company sells do seem a bit undecorated. Although I appreciate that the products try not to scream “Hey I’m an electronic device come take me!” I do feel that a design, or color can somehow be incorporated into the outside of the case, possibly during the pressing of the fleece. Other than that one aesthetic suggestion I had with the cases, I feel that this is a product that has been built extremely well and I look forward to using it for years to come (or at least until the next iPad comes out!) At that point I will buy their new case and recycle their old case (yes their products are recyclable or returnable to ReFleece) ReFleece is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which guarantees that members give at least 1% of sales revenue (as opposed to profits — a worthwhile difference!) to nonprofits with a sustainability mission. And in 2013, they also supported the Plastics Pollution Coalition,, and The Nature Conservancy. Besides offering an iPad case, check out their other technology cases including iPad Mini, Kindle, Kobo and Samsung Galaxy.