Reduce – Waterweek 16 oz. Bottles

For the past few weeks I have been using Reduce – Waterweek 16 oz. plastic water bottles.  Unfortunately they were nothing amazing to make me switch from my usual water bottle to this one as my daily.

reduce waterweek bottles reviewThese bottles are actually smaller in size than what I am used to.  It is certainly not enough water to last an entire day trip, I dislike that because I then have to worry about finding a place to refill my bottle or even not drink as much so I would have to ration my drink.

So I’m not a fan of a smaller bottle, nor am I a fan of these bottles for not having a loop to attach the bottle to my backpack or even carry it by, without needing an entire hand.  Only the aluminum bottles come with tops that have a loop on them.  If you buy the plastic 16 oz. or 8 oz. bottles they only have a regular plastic top.  The only replaceable tops they have are the regular plastic ones, so customers are not able to buy the separate top that comes with the aluminum ones.  To deal with that, I guess the company thought that they could make more money by selling the bottle clip for $3 each instead.

For this particular product I’m not sure one person really needs 5 bottles (a weeks worth) when we should be reducing what we use.  I normally just use 1-2 bottles daily, for two different drinks when I am on the go.  Though for an entire family a whole set of 5 bottles would be great for everyone, since everyone would be using them all.  Just don’t think it is right for a single person.

The tray that keeps them corralled in the fridge is a nice idea and keeps everything in order.  But I’m not sure that it is completely necessary.  What keeps people from not having them neatly arranged in the fridge without the plastic holder?  I think I’m organized enough not to need it, off to the recycling bin it should go.

Either way they may have planned it, I’m not thrilled about this company’s products for my lifestyle.  Perhaps this bottle set is better suited for a family.  To end on a positive note I did enjoy the normal size of the mouth of the bottle.  I don’t prefer wide mouth bottles, so this one was just right.