Raw Food For Real People by Rod Rotondi Book Review

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I was looking forward to reviewing this book as I live in LA and Leaf Organics is in my neighborhood.

In Raw Food for Real People, Rotondi aims to present an intriguing look at how far we have strayed from a natural diet, as he offers practical and delicious steps for getting back in balance.

Besides the recipes, the book includes Rotondi’s journey into raw foods and how you can begin to adopt a raw food diet as well. He attempts to keep it simple and advises to take small steps to build a healthier relationship with food.

The recipes included in the book are ok and most contain numerous ingredients. His “Hale Kale Salad” is amazing. Be warned that there are a few recipes that require a dehydrator. I think this book was written more for people who are highly interested into raw foods as opposed to the “real people” that the title suggests.