Raw Food For Everyone by Alissa Cohen Book Review

raw food for everyone reviewThe raw food movement has definitely become more popular in recent years. People who swear by the  raw lifestyle claim that it’s not only better for the individual, but also for the environment as well.

One of the biggest gripes against it is that people say making the food takes too long or is too complex. That is why I was interested to read and review this book by Alissa Cohen.

After battling weight gain, fibromyalgia, and other illnesses most her life, Cohen tried diet after diet to get her health in check, but it was not until she began a raw food regime that her body went back on track.

Her book has about 300 recipes as well as techniques to help prepare raw foods for better health health benefits. There are definitely some recipes that are quicker to make and the ingredients can be found easily. Some recipes contain ingredients that are more difficult to find or need to be prepared over a few days (those that include rejuvelac).

In addition to the 300 recipes, when you read Raw Food for Everyone you will learn why to never refrigerate tomatoes and there is entire section that breaks down fruits and veggies into why they are beneficial.