Radley London Recycled Foldaway Tote, Deck Chairs

radley london reviewRadley London is a creative British brand, founded in 1998 by Lowell Harder.  Since then, Radley London has created handbags and accessories on the premise that they will not create products strictly because they will sell or are fashionable.  In fact, they are “devoted to making beautiful things that women can fall in love with.”  This quote is exactly how I feel about my Radley London Recycled Foldaway Tote in Deck Chair design.

This fun foldaway tote features a colorful scene at the seaside.  It’s great lightweight fabric makes for a wonderful and spacious beach bag, as well as an eco-friendly alternative to a plastic carrier bag.  Unlike many other totes, this foldaway bags straps fit comfortably on the shoulder.  The bag neatly folds into a matching pouch, allowing it to be toted everywhere with ease.  Both the bag and its attached pouch are made of 100% post consumer waste plastic bottles (PET).  My favorite aspect of the bag has to be its ability to be continually recycled.  Once the owner of the bag no longer has a use for it, the owner can then send this product back to the manufacturer to be recycled, and once again made into a brand new bag!