Planet Dog Organic Dog Treats

I’ve got three dogs. And trust me when I tell you that we go through the treats. So when Planet Dog sent along two boxes of their organic treats for me take a look at, I was really looking forward to seeing what my crew thought of them.

planet dog reviewsI’ve never bought cheap food or treats for them. And especially since that scare a few years ago, when dog food and treats from China started killing dozens of dogs around the country, I’ve been pretty religious about only feeding them top notch food.

We got to the Pumpkin Pear Ginger and Salmon Seafood Chowder organic treats.

What was the consensus? Well, saying they were a hit with the dogs would be a serious understatement. The dogs went crazy over these things. To tell you the truth, I went crazy over them. I mean, they smell like human food. You’ll want to eat them.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did try the treats myself. I had to; they smelled too good NOT to try. My opinion is that the smell is better than the taste, which is mostly dry and bland. But the dogs dug them big time.

My only complaint is that because they’re small and thin, they break easily. There were tons of broken ones in the box, so I ended up doling out bits and crumbles at times. But, the dogs sure didn’t mind.

Would I buy these for my dogs? Absolutely. They’re organic, made in the US, and smell way better than the treats I WAS giving them. And I love that they contribute 2% of their profits to help animals in need.