Planet Dog Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

When it comes to dog toys, I consider myself something on an expert. I’ve got two Boston Terriers, and my wallet hurts thinking about all the toys they’ve managed to destroy over the past 8 years.

I had high hopes with the Planet Dog toys as soon as I pulled them out of the box. They sent over the Orbee-Tuff RECYLEBall on a rope, and one of the single RECYLEBalls. The rubber was very thick and firm, they smelled minty, and my dogs were salivating over them before I even got the tags off.

These toys are made with rubber scraps that would otherwise be thrown away, so kudos to Planet Dog for keeping this material out of the landfill.

So, these are all good signs. But the real question is, would they last?

Well, after a month of serious chewing, I’m amazed to tell you that the toys still look brand new.  My dogs have not been able to put a DENT in these balls. They’re indestructible. And it’s their very indestructible-ness that drives my dogs crazy. They’re used to going into “search and destroy” mode with their toys. But, these balls refuse to cave.

Now, I should tell you that the rope toy (with two balls attached) didn’t last five minutes. My dog Pep managed to get the balls off in record time, and to be fair Planet Dog does say their “rating system” for chew toughness doesn’t include the rope.

The balls themselves? Like I said, they’re indestructible.

I don’t know what Planet Dog is charging for these toys, but whatever it is, it’s worth it. After spending a small fortune on dog toys that last days if I’m lucky, these rubber balls have lasted far longer than any other toy I’ve bought. And the fact that they’re made from scraps well, that’s a serious bonus.

If you have a serious chewer in your house, or you simply want a dog toy that’s actually going to last more than five minutes, give Planet Dog a try. I was seriously impressed, and will definitely be buying more toys from this company in the future.