Full Circle Suds Up Bamboo Dish Brush

December 12, 2014

After folding laundry, doing dishes by hand is my least favorite chore. However, sometimes certain items do help make those unfavorable tasks just a little bit better. As a runner-up chore I’ve managed to make my next least favorite chore, dish washing, just a little bit better. That is where the Suds Up Bamboo Dish […]

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SunRidge Farms Organic Chocolate Peanuts & Yogurt Clusters

December 8, 2014

SunRidge Farms makes wonderful contributions to the environment with the distribution facility in Royal Oaks, CA. They facility is powered by 2,500 solar panels, which eliminates 1,315,00 pounds of CO2 every year. By SunRidge Farms eliminating that much CO2 is equal to planting 1,800 acres of trees. Many of these actions have helped to verify […]

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Duchy Originals Organic Shortbread Cookies

December 5, 2014

As an American growing up in the United States I was aware that the Royal Family of England always positively contributed to society by goodwill actions. Though I never knew that they had started their own food company, Duchy Originals. Back in 1992 Prince Charles of Wales decided to create food that was of the […]

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Dogwood Farms at Duke Farms

December 3, 2014

Last Saturday I took a day trip to visit Duke Farms in Hillsborough, New Jersey. The expansive over 2,000 acre estate of the Duke Family, including Doris Duke has become a steward for environmental conservation and a popular place to enjoy a nice walk or jog within in their vehicle-free paths. The land was once […]

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Leafygreen.info in the News

December 1, 2014

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, but I’m happy to share that we have been quite busy on the social media front. Specifically creating an Instagram feed for Leafygreen.info. It’s a place where I share small reviews/opinions of eco-friendly products that may not warrant a larger review on the site. But they […]

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Natural Products Expo East 2014 Recap

September 26, 2014

2014 was my second year attending the Natural Products Expo East event, always in search of my new favorite natural products.  Though i was only able to attend the expo for the last day, saturday, I still found several new companies that deserve some special attention.  I’ll be doing more in-depth reviews of these products in coming […]

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Chameleon Organic Cold-Brew Vanilla Coffee

September 24, 2014

  This past weekend, at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, I had the opportunity to pick up some cold brewed coffee from Chameleon.  I was given several samples as I was making my way towards the exit.  At the time I didn’t have a chance to speak with the vendor about what made their […]

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Our Guide to Backyard Composting

September 19, 2014

    With the end of summer here I wanted to share some tips on backyard composting for the fall and winter that will surely benefit your garden come next year’s spring. For those of you who have heard of composting but aren’t quite sure what it is and why you should do it check […]

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Caldrea Blackcurrant Mint Candle

September 17, 2014

When I was first presented a candle to review made by Caldrea, I was unsure what made a candle “eco-friendly.”  Why would this candle be better for the environment than other candles?  Well many scented hours later, with a bit of research, I have my answer. The Caldrea candle I was asked to review is […]

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