Overlay Slippers from Simple Shoes

The first thing that you notice when you hold the Simple Shoes is the recycled materials that the box itself is made from. You have to respect the fact that the company spends more money to ensure that their product is completely eco-friendly.

Simple has never had a slipper line until recently and when I was asked to review I jumped on it because every shoe I’ve tried from them has been wonderfully comfortable and eco-friendly.

The Overlay Slippers came in an awesome brown color and I noticed that instead of a quick slip on slip out system they have a tan colored almost sweatshirt-like material on the back to keep the slipper affixed to my feet. With the certified organic cotton knit, felted wool uppers, natural crepe outsole, and water based cements keeping it all together this is one of my favorite Simple Shoes products ever. I can walk up and down steps without them falling off, my feet don’t sweat too much and yet they stay nice and toasty.

Another two thumbs up!
Simple Shoes