Organic Natural Soda from Oogave

Organic natural soda from Oogave is the first and only USDA certified, organic soda made from agave. With 1/3 less calories and sugar than conventional soda, Oogave is a healthy soda alternative. My absolute favorite was the Strawberry Rhubarb! It had a very natural, strawberry flavor and tasted as if it were bursting with fresh strawberries! It resembles regular soda but much its better! Unlike conventional, sugary, soda, it’s extremely refreshing without that burning fizz as it goes down. Its flavors are intense, yet it’s milder. It has just the right amount of flavor and fizz. The root beer had a very strong and flavorful initial taste, somewhere in between soda and very good sparkling seltzer. A close second to the strawberry rhubarb was the cream soda. My eleven year old son loved it and enjoyed sampling the variety of different flavors! He asked if I would buy more! The bottles are remnant of old fashion soda and come in a lovely, colorful, package in the hue of the flavors you choose. There is definitely a flavor for everyone!

Oogave is a small business dominated by big companies and needs our help! Please check them out at to get information on how you can sample their product and help keep this great little retail guy in business! Their fundraising goal ends today, so please donate if you can. They started off offering fountain soda in their restaurant and found people coming in just for their soda! I certainly would recommend their soda and feel much better about myself and my son drinking their product. Oogave uses all natural agave which is much healthier than white sugar and contains no high fructose corn syrup! Agave also has a much lower glycemic index than soda and does not send your blood sugar soaring! Please give Oogave a try! You won’t be disappointed!