Organic Male OM4: Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion

I used this shaving emulsion from Organic Male OM4 a few different ways to see which worked the best. The product was also used to shave my head and my face.

As soon as I got out of a hot shower, I pat dried my head and put the emulsion on my head. It was a bit wet and oily, but went on pretty well. Per the instructions on the back of the bottle, I put a generous amount on my head and face to allow it to soften the hair before shaving.

The first time, I shaved with just the emulsion and no additional shaving cream or gel. I wasn’t quite impressed with the product. It didn’t seem much different than a traditional shaving cream or gel.

The next few times I used it, I put it on my head and face and let it sit. This time before I shaved, I also used shaving cream as well. This ended up with a much smoother shave and not as much irritation.

Though you can’t purchase OM4 products on their site, they offer a vendor location page found here, a few online retailers sell these products and you can also find them in spa locations found throughout the United States. Unfortunately I haven’t seen them in my local health food stores. Their costs range from at starter kit at $15 to $30 and single products from $25 to $60.

I would recommend it for any of the men out there that get serious razor burns or skin irritations when shaving.