Organic Insect Repellent by EcoSMART and Giveaway

ecoSMART insect repellent
We are getting used to having ants walk across our kitchen sink. We have tried many different things to rid our house of ants without using harmful chemicals. I really don’t want to kill the ants and possibly poison my family at the same time.

I was excited to get the EcoSMART line. I used it immediately and poof, the ants were dead… but there was a trail of dead ants and Ant/Roach killer spray to clean up. It smells minty or icy hot-ish. What I want is to keep the ants away. EcoSMART doesn’t keep them away but it does get rid of them and in an non-harmful way to kids and pets. I like this product and the great way they explain how their products work. I will spray our “little friends” from now on and hope that the message gets back to the ant hill that our kitchen is no place for ants.

EcoSMART has a whole line worth checking out that includes an insect repellant for kids.

The EcoSMART products are made from organic plant oils and kill insects naturally and now you can test them out for yourselves. Five random winner will receive some samples of your own from EcoSMART. The rules are below, so read on.

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The contest will end on May 8th and winners will be notified via email.