Ooba Hibiscus Beverage

ooba reviewsIt’s not exactly soda, but at the same time it’s not just simple flavored water.  Ooba uses real flowers to flavor the drink.  They describe the drinks as “100% All Natural, Refreshingly Clean, Sparkling Beverage that infuses the Pure Extracts of the Incredible Hibiscus Flower into every bottle.” and they are quite right.  I first opened the drink a month ago and it was so delicious.  Now a month later it still has it’s refreshing, clean taste and still makes that brand new carbonation sound.

Ooba has been proven as a great drink for people whom have high bloog pressure, bad cholesterol levels and need overall cardiovascular health improvement.

The Ooba drink I tasted was Hibiscus & Orange.  It didn’t have that artificial Orange soda taste and wasn’t really like Orange Juice either.  It was perfect!  The aftertaste it leaves has a sort of clean spring air to it.  It’s very interesting indeed.  I do recommend giving it a try!

Ooba can be found on Amazon and at your local Whole Foods.