NYC Brew Fest

My birthday was wet, but that did not stop the hundreds of Beer Fest attendees from flocking to South St. Seaport to sample both local, national and international craft beers. The mood was fun, the beer was flowing and the laughs were being had by all.

Aside from the downpour, the Brew Fest was fun. Local favorites like Defiant, Chelsea Brewing, Southampton, Brooklyn Brewery and Heartland Brewery tried to make a name for themselves with national staples like Dogfish Head, Victory and Green Flash poured some interesting libations. New to the NY area are a few organic and/or green breweries such as Uinta, Peak Organic, Otter Creek/Wolavers, Magic Hat/Orlio Organic, Flying Dog and Clipper City. They were a treat from other eco-breweries such as Sierra Nevada.

The money raised from tickets went to support the local New York beer scene. Improvements, according to their website, were made from last year, but I do have one pretty big gripe with the event. Not enough brewery representatives actually were present. The event was mostly an in your face, show off our brewery and get drunk, not a look what we can do, now let?s talk shop fest.

I would have preferred the latter, but NY has less strict laws than other states, so it is sort of expected.

Check out some of those breweries if you?re bored. I do apologize for not snapping any pictures, but the rain prevented me from doing so. Good to meet all the Hop Heads under the FDR though!