Northland Woolens Twice Baked Hat

Northland Woolens has come up with a great product. They are taking sweaters and other fabrics that would typically be disposed of and recycling them into very warm winter accessories like Hats, Mittens, Scarves, etc. They do make other products so be sure to check them out.

We received three products to review from Northland Woolens. Unfortunately as winter was ending I only had a chance to review one so
far. I will review the others this winter.

The Twice Baked Hat we received is blue and red. It has a very thick wool exterior with a fleece lining. This baby kept my head nice and toasty! I had a chance to spend two weeks using this and my head was never cold. According to Northland Woolens website, his hat is made by an Amish woman in their local community. It is good to know it is US born, made and no sweat shops were used.bomberhat2.jpg

I have only two complaints with this hat. Aesthetically the hat had some frays of fabric on top where a ball could typically be. I had to cut this off because it was unattractive. Also, I couldn?t keep this hat in my coat pocket, like I usually do because it was way too thick. It would have been impossible to put anything else inside.

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