Newman’s Own Organics Barbecue Soy Crisps: Finally a Soy Crisp worthy of my tastebuds

The barbecue soy and rice crisp is definitly worth trying. They are new on the market and suggest to retail for $2.99. The first flavor I tried was barbecue. These gluten free snacks have 7 grams of protein, and 3.5 grams of fat total. They are 100% organic and my coworkers loved them too. Normally, they think I’m crazy for eating soy this and soy that, but they were pleasantly surprised. I’d suggest eating Newman’s Own Organics rather than the regular rice cakes. So tasty!

Not only does Newman’s Own Organics comply with goverment standards for organic food, but they are basically a non-profit company devoted to good food products and giving back to the community.

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