Navitas Naturals Chocolate Coconut Water Powder

Navitas Naturals is definitely a great company on the rise, from its plethora of stellar all-natural products! I had the privilege of reviewing one of their newest products the Chocolate Coconut Water Powder. When I heard of it I thought it was very weird and didn’t know how to quite use it besides in my smoothie. After a few weeks with it, I still didn’t get over the uniqueness of this product, but not in a good way. Unfortunately I do not believe this product matches the taste and quality of some of their other products.

The positives of this product are that it is eco-friendly, organic, and super healthy for you. However, so are all of the products that Navitas Naturals has to offer but the other ones are much tastier, which is why this product was a bit disappointing. Navitas Naturals is known to offer such great tasting but yet healthy products that this Chocolate Coconut Water didn’t quite make their high standard mark.

The chocolate coconut water powder didn’t have much use for me other than in my smoothies. When I added it to my smoothies I did not taste much of the coconut water or the chocolate flavor I was expecting. It was bland and didn’t seem to really compliment my fruit smoothies.

This is the description that the company wrote on Amazon about this Chocolate Coconut Water Powder: Our thirst-quenching organic chocolate coconut water powder is designed for modern on-the-go hydration. Chocolate lovers will be glad this delicious powder also features our antioxidant-rich raw cacao, and our camu – an amazon fruit that’s the richest food source of vitamin C. Each 35-calorie serving meets daily vitamin C needs, and provides 5 electrolytes that support rapid hydration.

I read some reviews on Amazon and found it quite true. I tried using the powder multiple times when making smoothies; I used it with my blender and simply just me stirring it. When stirred, I did notice that the powder seemed to lump in the bottom and did not dissolve as easily as it should. In the blender, it was mix a little better but towards the end I would notice that there were still a lot of the powder still lumped at the bottom.

I was expecting much more from Navitas Naturals because of its history and I am not saying that because of this product Navitas Naturals is completely horrible, all companies are capable of making bad products. I will continue using other products from Navitas Naturals like their flax seed powder and cocoa paste. I love what Navitas Naturals has to offer in all of their products, which is always rich in vitamins, highly sustainable, and fully organic!

It is very impressible how healthy this powder is, however, I will be trying any other one in the future and recommend you do the same like perhaps the plain Coconut Water Powder or simply their Cacao Powder!