Nau Denim

Nau’s Loose But Not Slutty Jeans right off the bat have an office look. They are very casual with clean lines and no trendy holes or scrapes. Nau chooses their materials very carefully which can be seen in every piece of clothing they make. These jeans are made of organic cotton with raw denim produced in Turkey. The material is twice dyed with an indigo for the beautiful blue color saturation. Mike thinks the color is too dark, but for me, it is perfection. Without any tags to take away from the design of the jeans, there are no distractions and no snagging when putting a belt on. The natural, organic denim is stiff. This helps in the office as it will not crease and wrinkle that easily during daily wear but can also take the abuse of labor intensive jobs. The hardware is nickel free as to help people whom are highly allergic to some materials.


My favorite part of the jeans must be the wide belt loops. Usually it is hard to find nice jeans that will accept the abnormally wide belts, but these have no problems. In fact, it is actually better for your hip having the wide belt loops as it removes pressure sometimes felt. Inside the jeans is a small hanging band just in case you are in a changing room and need to hang up your pants. The right pocket contains a smaller insert for keys, change or a small cell phone.

Nau’s instructions state to wash inside out with cold water and line dry and never use bleach! However, I have been washing these on tumble low in my dryer and the jeans are holding up well. I have only one complaint with these jeans? sizing. The length is standard and may need to be tailored as do other premium denims. Premium denim costs more (obviously), but these jeans can take a beating and still look perfect.

Unfortunately Nau is closing shop. This makes me very sad, but you never know what can happen in the future!