Natural Products Expo East Saturday in Review

Baltimore is an interesting city. Recently, I found myself there for the second time in a little over a month. Eric and I arrived very early after departing from our pit stop also known as University of Delaware, where my brother is a student.

Before talking about the Natural Foods Expo, I am going to tell you about one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Iron Hill Brewery, in Newark, Delaware is a pretty traditional, yet trendy brewery and restaurant. I sampled the Ironbound Ale, a semi-strong American Pale Ale. It was subtle on the hops and light. I finished that and had the malty goodness of the Oktoberfest. The dry finish compliments the strong full body and bitterness.

Drinking was not the only good part of Iron Hill. The pizza was in fact the best part. I had the Vegetable Ranch Pizza. Every day veggies were topped on the sauceless pizza, with a blend of mozzarella and fontina cheese with ranch seasonings, such as black peppercorns. The pizza was creamy and peppery, and it definitely filled my stomach up!

Eric, had the Iron Hill Meatloaf and he loved it too. You can see the menu right here.

Leaving Delaware on a good note, food-wise, we traveled the hour to Balitmore.

Finally inside Expo East, Eric and I met some of our partners on, such as HTnaturals, Amy’s Kitchen, Twist, Simple Shoes, Tom’s of Maine, New Leaf Tea, Sweet Leaf Tea, Seeds of Change, Pangea, and Turtle Mountain.

We finally got to meet Mic from Planet Friendly PR. It was great to meet such a loyal supporter of Mic introduced us to the people from Sunfood Nutrition, Sambazon, Manitoba Harvest and Amazing Grass. It was great to sit down and talk shop with all these great people.

It was also cool to meet new people who we will hopefully be working with in the future such as Road Side Organics and the Veganaise people.

After four trips back and forth to the car with satchels of goodies to take home, Eric and I packed up and left to drive north on I-95. A few hours later, we made it back the North Jersey.

Overall, it was a great experience, we met many great people, had great craft/organic beer with Orlio, had some grass with Amazing Grass, ate salsa with Garde Fresh Gourmet and brushed our teeth with Dr. Nick.

Sweet Leaf Tea @ Expo East

At the end of the show, I even got a boost of energy from Morningstar’s new organic line.

Stay tuned for many many more reviews to come. Thanks to all of our past, present and future supporters of I’ll see some of you at the Cultural Expo in NYC next year.