Mr. Ellie Pooh Elephant Dung Paper

This review comes from one of my first grade students. The class used the heart shaped poo paper to decorate the mr ellie pooh paper reviewbulletin board for Earth Day. I know Earth Day is technically over, but Every Day is Earth Day in Room 120.

The Pooh Paper is made out of elephant poop and rice. It was so cool it came in different shapes and sizes. I liked that it was made out of something that is garbage. Recycling is important because if you never recycle the Earth will be stinky! I recycle a lot to keep the Earth clean. The Earth is not a wasteland it is our home! We celebrate Earth Day to show how special the Earth is! We love the Earth and care for her. That is why we reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Take a look a the pictures and then click on over to visit Mr. Ellie Pooh’s website to see more information about this unique company who strives to change the way we use paper. Their products do not stink, that’s for sure!
mr ellie pooh paper review