Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs are the nations largest retailer of certified organic herbal products. Not only are Mountain Rose Herbs certified organic by OTCO and Kosher certified by Earth Kosher, they are also delicious. From their Epicurean Organic seasoning range their Smoked Sea Salt is spectacular.  Made by smoking Pacific Sea Salt over Pacific Alder Wood, it has the most beautiful smoked flavor. This product was so popular in my house that I was getting constant requests. It is so versatile that all you need to do is sprinkle it on any meat or vegetable to great results.  And best of all you don’t need to add a lot to get the benefits of the Smoked Salt Flavor making it very economical.  As well as tasting great, their work practices are also commendable, giving the organic seasoning farmers full negotiation rights in determining the prices they received for their harvests.  I would highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs Epicurean Organic Smoked Sea Salt to cooks and non-cooks alike.  LOVE IT!