Melissas Organic Grinders

Spices in convenient grinder packaging are not a new idea but organic spices are. I have been actively using the Garlic & Herb Sea Salt, the Chile Seasoning, the Italian Seasoning and the Rainbow Peppercorn Seasoning recently and they are all hits. I like the easily-fresh-ground spices, the fun lid for easy measuring and, of course, the flavor.

The Italian Seasoning contains the traditional Italian spices like basil, oregano, salt and pepper. It is very fresh tasting and works really well in pasta sauce and salads. It is sort of salty, however.

The Rainbow Peppercorn is full of all sorts of peppercorns for a crazy pepper flavor. I like it, but it does not go well with everything like black peppercorns would.

The Garlic & Herb Sea Salt is very similar to the Italian Seasoning. It’s saltier and less herby, but the garlic is definitely present.

My favorite is the Chile Seasoning. From the mellow to the hot, you will find a wide range of chile spices in this little container. Add however much you want into the mix and you are all set for rice and beans.

There are more Organic Grinders from Melissa, but we’ll get to those reviews soon. Check back with us.

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