Me & Goji – Custom Artisanal Cereal

me and goji review

I love this cereal idea, customizing your own cereal is such a great concept.  The attitude of this company is so great, their branding and vibe.  Me & Goji allows you to customize your packaging besides the food selection.  I had the option to label my cereal creation what I would like and also add an image of my own to the package.  This was great and a fun way for me to make the cereal seem more of my own.

The options to choose from in each category are plentiful, 9 choices for the base of your mix, then an enhanced base, dried fruits/nuts and seed options for the rest.  If you are not sure that your choices will be a good combo together be sure to check out their website for their recipes created themselves.  They have recipes which are for Moms & Kids, Granola Mixes, Functional Mixes and their Favorites.  A sticker was added to my tube stating how to make my cereal into hot cereal.  I wasn’t such a fan of the cereal hot because it became too mushy.  As a personal preference I felt it was necessary to add some sugar to the cereal, it was a bit plain without it.  But not everyone would agree about that, so follow your personal preference.

If you keep your options for ingredients cheap then this is a great alternative to boxed cereal.  This is especially great since a tube of Me & Goji is 21 ounces and has 15 servings in it.  One of the greatest benefits of ordering Me & Goji is a few weeks after you receive your cereal they email you with a link to the recipe that you just ordered, so if you really liked it you can purchase it again. I thought that was a great little extra that this company provided.  For a great customized cereal especially if you have food allergies Me & Goji would be the right place for you.