Mason Jar Dry-Erase Lids

Since my journey into zerowaste/bulk buying began, I had been on the search for an efficient way to label the “PLU” number and tare weight on each jar I brought to the store.

Some of my larger canisters have permanent labels and that’s great for items like oatmeal that I always buy in huge quantities, so I always use the same container. However, for small quantities like cacao nibs and rice, I wanted to be able to use different jars at different times. Especially since I use these jars to store leftovers and freezer items.

When the thrift store failed to have any promotional style dry-erase boards, I figured the dollar store would be the next cheapest place to search. I was in luck! I scored a two-pack of dry erase posters for classroom use.

Mason_Jar-Lids-003-Blog Resized

This is where everything gets real easy, the hard part was finding the thin style dry-erase board. I began by tracing the outline of each lid. As I had two different sizes to create, I placed them as close together as possible so I could fit as many as possible. I also took care to place the lids so that I avoided the wording but included the fun graphics on the edges. A fine point Sharpie worked really well to create the outline. Then it was just easy enough to cut them out with scissors.

Mason_Jar-Lids-049-Blog Resized

Mason_Jar-Lids-081-Blog Resized

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I truly love this method of labeling because with constant use it creates zero waste. There is no wasted tape or paper to recycle. Having the variety to change what items are in jars is so awesome too! Adding a small permanent tare label to the glass isn’t a bad idea, perhaps that will be my upgrade project.

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