Marcal Small Steps

marcal small steps reviewsMarcal has been a standard in the paper industry for a long time.  They make all sort of personal paper goods such as tissues, napkins, and the ever so important toilet paper.

Marcal’s line of recycled paper goods is called Small Steps and it’s the small steps these guys take to make their recycled products earth and people friendly.  The tissues are not as soft as I’d hoped for, but they work and don’t break apart like the generic brands do.
The paper towels are on par with your average brand and the toilet paper, yeah, that works too.  The good thing about supporting Marcal Small Steps is that you are supporting a company that cares about the environment.  Marcal’s paper products are not expensive and can be found in most stores including the tiny corner convenience store.

I like to support them also because they are literally about 3 miles from the LGinfo headquarters~!  No, seriously, Marcal has been a Bergen County, NJ staple for a long time and I’m happy that they are committed to their new line of eco-friendly paper.

Check them out online or follow Marcal on twitter and stay up to date with what’s happening.