Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Food Canister

More and more lately I have noticed people ditching plastic food containers in favor of glass or metal, which, is less likely to leach chemicals into their foods. I’ve had the opportunity to try Kleen Kanteen’s solution to plastic food containers – stainless steel food containers. Offered in single wall or vacuum insulated canisters at 8 oz. or 16 oz.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy the 16 oz. vacuum insulated canister, which meant being able to bring more food along with me and keeping it hot or cold. My first test was to see if my just made oatmeal would stay hot after a 20 minute car ride. I was surprised to find that the canister was still hot when I arrived at my destination and my oatmeal was too hot to even eat right away. This vacuum-sealed canister is just as fantastic as a thermos would be at keeping my food hot. I would have no doubt that it would be just as a great at keeping food cold.

Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel with solid handcrafted construction, meaning it is completely durable, shatterproof, leak proof and strong. With its wide mouth opening, it made for easy eating directly from the canister and super easy cleaning. I love the sleek stainless steel look, though because of that I am super cautious to not scratch the container. As it seems as though it would easily pickup scuffs. But for those who won’t mind that your container may look a bit used, it is a great design.

Now if you despise plastic bags as much as we do, you are in luck! You can use this canister for bulk food items, as it is tare weight ready. Just be sure it is weighed correctly so you aren’t paying for the canister weight as well. Besides all these great benefits these canisters are in fact eco friendly. The steel is 100% recyclable and is made with recycled content. Kleen Kanteen is also a member of the 1% for the Planet and Green America, in addition to being a part of the Green Shipping program.

All versions of these canisters will be available Spring 2013. So if you are eager to have one, head over to Kleen Kanteen’s website and sign up to be notified when they become available. I suggest you do because these canisters work double duty to make your life more green.