Kidzsack is a small drawstring backpack, made in the USA.  A mom created this for her kids and is now passing it onto the rest of us.  It’s a bag with a picture outlined on it that can be colored in.  There are 4 different pictures (sea life, sports, castle, or jungle) to can choose from.  8 non-toxic, washable markers come along with it that kids use to color in the picture.  When your kids tire of it, the backpack can be washed (100% recycled material) and then colored again.  It’s a pretty smart idea.  The sack is well made and fits a decent amount of stuff (sports balls or coloring paper/pens or stuffed animals).My kids have enjoyed coloring, washing and coloring again so it has been enjoyed in my house.
I wish two things about these bags.  It would be great to have more options of designs on the bags.  Also, you can’t buy them on the website because the company is run by a mom and she can’t do it all (understandable).  There are stores that they are sold in but I don’t live near any of them and I have had a bugger of a time trying to buy some so eventually I stopped trying.

I love these bags and the idea and just wish they were more accessible.

Kidzsack won the Creative Toy Award in 2009 for the Product of the Year.