Kaya’s Kloset Organic Hand Painted Shoes

With our new son being born we were excited that we wouldn’t need a whole lot of clothing items with a son only 2 years his elder. One thing we didn’t really have though we’re shoes. I was excited to try out the Kaya’s Kloset Organic Hand Painted Shoes for infants.

kayas kloset

Our son’s were/are big babies during the first 3 months to present, and I kept this in mind when ordering the shoes.  I went with the 0-6 month size thinking I would get a good deal of time out of them, but now with my son at 3 months he is at the end of the line for this size. He is pretty big for his age but I would keep this in mind when ordering these, buy a size up at least. As far as looks they are awesome! According to the site, “Each shoe is hand painted with a design especially drawn for Kaya’s Kloset by Boston-area artist Miranda Greenhalgh.” I thought all the designs were cool, and we went with the Monkey Face. They make their dent on the environmental side by being made from unbleached organic cotton fabric with reclaimed corduroy soles. My favorite part of these shoes is an unmentioned plus. Anyone who has a baby knows that baby socks just don’t stay on well at all once they start kicking a lot. These slippers keep his socks on; we never have to worry about his little feet getting cold when he is wearing them.

These shoes have been perfect and gotten a ton of use. I highly recommend these to anyone with a baby and even a youngster in need of some slippers.